SMI operates a 24-Hour Communications/Operations Center. Our center is fully integrated to meet the operational support needs of the organization. It serves as the organization’s nerve center of communications and operational control, enabling immediate coordination and expedited response of organizational assets as needed from one centralized entity, located at our corporate offices in Miami FL.

The Communications/Operations Center is equipped with communications resources which enable immediate managerial oversight and control of all  entities providing services throughout our sphere of operations.


SMI is well aware of the importance of operational continuity.  Maintaining constant  communications and operational control allows us the ability to direct required resources to service locations, handle client concerns and manage our operations as efficiently and  effectively as possible.  Therefore, Security Management Innovations  Communications/Operations Center has feedback from clients, to continue improving services and innovating.

The Recruiting/Human Resources Department manages the process and personnel records for all local and national staff. Due to the sensitive nature of the services provided, coupled with our stakeholders’ expectations, oversight of the vetting process is maintained at a management level. This department also maintains payroll through a fully functional  and reporting system, ensuring accurate accounting of hours worked by the organization’s personnel.

Security Management Innovations maintains fully operational with maintenance capability, fuel points, and maintenance managers.