Professional Security Training

Professional Security Training Network (PSTN)

CiNet’s Professional Security Training Network has long been a trusted provider of eLearning solutions to the professional security industry. Through one of the industries largest training content libraries, we arm security personnel with the knowledge and skills to ensure safety, protect assets and secure critical infrastructure.

Our high-quality video programs include real-world demonstrations and actual situations for personnel to react to, increasing engagement, retention and results. Through a Web-based learning platform, security officers create customized curricula tailored specifically for their job function. PSTN’s AICC/SCORM compliant content can be delivered through your organization’s learning management system (LMS) or our CiNowSM integrated eLearning solution, depending on your existing infrastructure. Programs are available online at anytime, ensuring that personnel have access to the right information, whenever they need it.

From front line skills to organizational leadership best practices, PSTN’s curriculum covers the full range of educational requirements in the career path of a security professional. Our mission is to provide timely training information that help personnel do their jobs more effectively, and we offer custom solutions in these key areas:

  • Field Security Officers
  • Homeland Security
  • Professional Development
  • Healthcare
  • Shopping & Retail
  • Industrial & Critical Infrastructure
  • Supervisor & Management
  • Fire Prevention & Safety
  • Human & Public Relations
  • Campus
  • Casino/Gaming

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Customer Service Training

At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Operate and communicate with complete professionalism.
  • Respond appropriately to difficult situations, guests or residents.
  • Be more aware of and build on their listening skills.
  • Understand the meaning of and provide quality concierge service.
  • Fully handle the challenges and expectations of working a concierge desk.

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